Conflict Minerals Policy: Do not support and do not use minerals from the mines related to the armed conflicts
      Taimag was established in 1977. At the beginning, it mainly designed, manufactured and sold the traditional linear transformer and rectifier. With the rise of computer network, as well as the changes of market demands, Taimag gradually transformed to design and manufacture the network-related parts and registered its own brand “Taimag®”in 1996. The company locates in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, a city with convenient transportation and elegant
environment. The main products of Taimag include: network transformers (filters), network connectors RJ-45, pulse transformers, DC-DC transformers, etc. Taimag has obtained the ISO9001 certification, ISO14001 certification
Personal computer
Industrial computer
Machine tools (CNC machine etc.)
Elevator industry
Audio-visual home appliances (TV, Amplifier, Internet radio and refrigerator etc.)
Network devices (including hubs, routers and NAS etc.)
Cable TV (tuner and cable modem
Office equipments (printers, photocopiers and Internet telephones etc.)
Security equipments (monitor and monitor sensor etc.)
Game industry (game machine (Paqingge machine), accounting host and machine control host etc.)